Glaciares de Chile


"Characteristics of tide-water calving at Glaciar San Rafael, Chile"

Warren, C., Glasser N., Harrison S., Winchester V., Kerr A. and Rivera A. (1995) : “Characteristics of tide-water calving at Glaciar San Rafael, Chile” Journal of Glaciology, 41(138), 273-289.

Resumen / Abstract.

Glacial calving is a poorly understood process. This study tests the influence of local environmental variables on the magnitude and frecuency distributions of calving behaviour at Glaciar San Rafael, Chile. Near the terminus of the glacier, surface speeds average 17 m d-1 in summer and calving events were recorded during 32 d in 1991 and 1992, together with meteorological, bathymetric and oceanographic data. Mean daily calving exceeds 400 events per day and the mean calving flux is more than 2.0 Mm³ d-1.