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"High resolution FM-CW radar for internal layers mapping in cold ice"

Uribe J.; Zamora R. and Rivera A. (2017) : «High resolution FM-CW radar for internal layers mapping in cold ice» First international symposium on geoscience and remote sensing (GRSS-CHILE), DOI: 10.1109/GRSS-CHILE.2017.7996001.

Resumen / Abstract.

A wideband ground penetrating radar was developed in order to detect internal layers in firn and shallow ice, with high resolution. Mapping of near-surface layers improves traditional snow accumulation measurements, extending the spatial and temporal coverage. This system is a frequency-modulated continuous wave (FM-CW) radar, with a transmit signal range from 203 MHz to 1019 MHz and with a power of ~250 mW. During two over-snow field campaigns in West Antarctica plateau (January and December 2014), this radar mapped near-surface internal layers to a depth of ~170 m, with a resolution of ~0.15 m in ice. Future improvement includes the addition of an ultra-wideband microwave snow radar, in order to map internal layers in snow column to a depth of 10 m, with a very high resolution.