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“Reply to the comments by Kochtitzky and Edwards (2020) on the study ‘Area changes of glaciers on active volcanoes in Latin America’ by Reinthaler and others (2019)”

Reinthaler J, F. Paul, H. Delgado H. Granados, A. Rivera and C. Huggel (2020): Journal of Glaciology 66(259), 887–888.

Resumen / Abstract.

This is a reply to the comments by Kochtizky and Edwards (2020) on our study “area changes of glaciers on active volcanoes in latin America” who described an overestimation of glacier area and retreat rates for the Nevado Coropuna Ice Cap and Nevado del Huila in our study, most likely due to the inclusion of seasonal snow in our glacier maps. In general we fully agree that only the best datasets available should be used for glacier mapping, as glacier outlines and changes are widely used. Although area change rates themselves have limited prognostic power, their trends for a specific mountain range and across regions provide valuable information about climate change impacts and should thus be derived as accurately as possible.