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"Radio-Echo Sounding at Tyndall Glacier, Patagonia"

Casassa, G. & Rivera, A. (1998) : “Radio-Echo Sounding at Tyndall Glacier, Patagonia” Anales Instituto Patagonia, Serie Cs. Nat., 26:129-135.

Resumen / Abstract.

Radar data collected in 1993 with a portable digital system at Tyndall Glacier, Southern Patagonia Icefield are analyzed. Point measurements were carried out along a transverse profile on the ablation area of the glacier, which is 8 km wide in this section. Clear bottom returns were received on the glacier to a point about 2.9 km form the margin. No return could be received beyond that point. Ice thicknesses range from 70 m to 569 m, increasing nearparabolically. The data are in the lower range of ice thicknesses collected with an analog radar sistem using the same transmitter in 1990.