Glaciares de Chile


"Field guide. Volcán Mocho-.Choshuenco-Chile. February 4, 2010"

Belmar, A.; Bravo, C.; Casassa, C.; Clavero, J.; Rodriguez, J & Joyce. S. (2010) : “Field guide. Volcán Mocho-.Choshuenco-Chile. February 4, 2010” International Glaciological Conference, Ice and Climate Change; A view from the South. VICC. February 1-3, 2010, CECS, Valdivia, Chile.

Resumen / Abstract.

The Mocho-Choshuenco Volcano has two different cones, Mocho and Choshuenco and is located at 39°56’S, 72°02’W. The volcano last erupted in 1864. Most of the summit area of both cones is covered by glaciers, 16.9kms² in total. As is the case for most Andean glaciers, Mocho’s glaciers have retreated in the last decades, shrinking from 28.4kms² in 1976 to 16.9km in 2003. In spite of this reduction in surface area, no significant glacial thinning has been detected for the period 1961 and 2005.