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Current State and Recent Changes of Glaciers in the Patagonian Andes (~37 °S to 55 °S)

Ruiz, L. P. Pitte, A. Rivera, M. Schaefer, M. Masiokas (2022): In: Mataloni, G., Quintana, R.D. (Eds.). Freshwaters and Wetlands of Patagonia. Natural and Social Sciences of Patagonia. Springer, Cham.


This chapter provides a brief overview of several critical aspects regarding the current state and the recent changes of Patagonia’s. The issues discussed here include descriptions of recently published national glacier inventories representing historical milestones in glaciological studies for Chile and Argentina. As in many other mountainous areas of the world, the increasing accessibility and spatial resolution of remote-sensing (satellite) information have represented a crucial point for developing glacier inventories and many other related analyses with an unprecedented amount of detail.